Monday, 14 October 2013

Putting In Duracell Batteries In Any Emergency Kit

It seems like severe weather conditions is becoming a lot more commonplace no matter what area of the country you live in. Besides tornados, hurricanes and snow storms, power can be knocked out anytime whether it is due to weather conditions or some other unpredicted occurrence. Irrespective of where you live, it’s a great idea to have an emergency kit that will help you get along if you are without electrical power or need to leave your house. Any well stocked emergency kit ought to include flashlights and plenty of Duracell alkaline batteries. An emergency kit that is easily transportable is usually recommended by experts in case you have to leave your house and will have what you need for a while. These are sometimes referred to as 72 hour kits because they have things you need for 72 hours or three days. So you can be prepared for any emergency predicament that could come your way, here are a few ideas of items you should be including in your 72 hour kit. The very first thing you might want to think about is the container for all of this stuff. A backpack is a good container to use because if you needed to leave your house promptly then all you would have to do is grab the backpack and go. The most basic products to include in the kit will be at least one flashlight and lots of replacement batteries. There are a variety of kinds of flashlights or even lanterns, but all of them can be important if the power is out and it’s dark outside. Another object to add which could need batteries is a small radio. If the emergency is wide-ranging throughout your neighborhood or surrounding vicinity you are likely to want to get important information. Without electricity to power the television or computer you might have to rely on a small battery-powered radio for announcements. A sensible way to prepare for an emergency is to remember to keep batteries and a radio handy. Adding money to a 72 hour kit is yet another wise decision. If electricity is off, you might have a need to make little purchases and cash could possibly be the only way to go. Remember that it might be difficult to break larger bills, so more bills in smaller amounts might be a good idea. Besides money, it may be a great idea to keep relevant documentation in your possession at all times like birth certificates, passports, etc. Some of these papers could be life savers, especially if you were to suffer from a house fire or need to relocate temporarily as weather condition have driven you from your property. Personal goods are also a great thing to have in an emergency kit. If you have to spend time in a public shelter of some kind, have personal items like a tooth brush, toilet paper and products of this nature, so your able to be more comfortable if you have to rough it for a few days. If you have young children don’t forget to keep diapers, formula and other items that you might need for them to make do too. Water and water bottles is just about the most important items that must be in an emergency kit. It can totally be a lifesaver to have clean and fresh water and also a way to carry it. Planning for anything that comes up will allow you to relax just a bit and know you have everything prepared in the event you lose power or have to leave your property for any length of time. Just don’t forget to include a Duracell alkaline battery or two for those items which would need them.

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