Monday, 14 October 2013

Employing Water As A Cutting Tool With A Water Jet Machine

In the industry, something which is used to slice through products using a high pressure stream of water is what is known as a water jet cutter. In industrial operations, this is the more modern technique employed to cut through structures without negatively impacting the material being cut or the framework. The water jet machine is helpful and suggested because it will not produce any heat when used and no heat is produced at the point of contact also. The slices are made with the constant stream of water because the pump is attached to a nozzle where the high pressured water is sprayed towards the material at such a high rate of speed. An abrasive material can be included with the water stream in addition to increase the efficiency of the cut. Garnet or aluminum oxide is typically what the abrasive compound is. There are lots of other benefits of using a water jet. Since it does not generate heat when slicing, this is maybe the biggest advantage. When utilizing a water jet, small and intricate cuts can be done. When cutting materials with this, the quantity of scrap material is also reduced. It is the only choice in certain applications, because without a sharp edge, there will be no chance of cross-contaminating blades. Since no heat is produced at the point of contact when using a water jet machine, the properties of the substance being cut will not be altered. This is especially important in lots of manufacturing procedures. Take metal as an example, in which the properties may change if exposed to heat. Making iron into steel is really a prime illustration where the properties are altered due to the temperature change. Unless you are actually in market for this, it is not necessary and should be prevented. Very intricate slices can also be made in various products using a water jet. Thanks to present day software and 3-d machining technology, many incredibly elaborate shapes can be made. The applications of this are confined only by your creativity and the limits of your software program, which is improving at all times. A very narrow cut can be made by a water jet. Consequently less material will be used when cutting considerable amounts of material. Further increasing productivity, the water as well can be recycled, filtered and used again. When an abrasive material is used, it could still be filtered out and be used again and again. If you are using a water jet to chop meat products, there is no cross-contamination from using the exact same blade on different type of animals since there is no blade. This results in less disease being passed on to consumers and less trouble from the FDA. As you have probably observed, the water jet can cut very diverse substances such as, rubber, plastic, leather, foam, meat and a lot more. It can be used on tile, metal, or stone. This device can even trim paper as well as other food products. There are only a few materials that cannot be cut by a high pressure jet of water, but some of these involve tempered glass, some ceramics, and diamonds. Water jet cutters can be bought in many different sizes and capabilities. Higher pressure pumps can be purchased up to 100,000 psi. The system is often computer controlled that has a CNC router or perhaps mechanical pantograph. With recent improvements in technology, even small to medium sized companies can afford to have a water jet machine installed for in house production. Instead of contracting out those jobs, they can be completed in house so quality control can be assured and costs can be controlled.

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